Activities and Targets

ERTEL Abwassertechnik Industrie e.K. – registered 2004 – is a family company with a long industrial and practical experience and success on the fields of advice, development, application and sales of innovative Special-Chemicals and Technologies for the treatment of waste-water and effluent coming from industry. Our targets are not only to fulfill and to follow permanently the legally limits of the waste-water pollutants but also to use products and processes which do not overload additionally the water and the environment.

ERTEL innovative, liquid Special-Chemicals

Our special De-emulsifiers and Coagulants and Flocculants on the basis of natural raw materials and our heavy metal precipitator and decontamination products are produced in famous companies and by contract manufacturing with ERTEL formulations in Germany and shipped from there directly to our customers at home and abroad. The raw materials used for our products are coming only from Germany or from enterprises inside EU.

ERTEL Special Chemicals of our 5 product groups

stand out for

  • highest quality, long storage stability and
  • excellent efficiency and economy.

Our products because of their innovative composition and effect

  • reduce the dosage to a minimum,
  • shorten and simplify the process itself,
  • deliver significantly less sludge compared to the classic inorganic flocculants and
  • reduce the costs for the technical equipment of a waste-water treatment plant.

ERTEL Special Customer Service

We supply the chemical basis for the treatment, decontamination and clarification of industrial waste-water with detailed elaboration of the process design, photos and know-how for

  • the planning and construction of new plants and
  • the apparatus simplification of cost intensive old plants

Because of the versatile tasks of our customers (plant manufacturers, distributors and industrial enterprises) we have been able to collect in the meantime a lot of experience of industrial applications.


We check for the different problems the waste-water samples of our customers application-specified in our lab for the “Scale up” and also support the plant engineering and the plant operators on site.