Product Groups

ERTEL innovative liquid Special Chemicals for the chemical-physical treatment and disposal of contaminated oil/water emulsions, suspensions and industrial waste-waters.

GROUP 1                 

Liquid de-emulsifiers on native and synthetic basis

for the pre-de-emulsification, de-emulsification and de-oiling of o/w emulsions, e.g. worked out coolants, lubricants and others and for the de-watering and the recovery of oil out of o/w emulsion concentrates coming from physical processes, e.g. de-emulsification, ultrafiltration or vaporisation.



Liquid special de-emulsifiers

for the de-emulsification and de-oiling of o/w emulsions, the simultaneously elimination of heavy metals and the clarification of the splitting water in one step.



Liquid, sour coagulants and flocculants



Liquid, alkaline coagulants and flocculants

for the unloading, coagulation, flocculation, decontamination, elimination of hydrocarbons (HC-Index) and clarification of all types of waste-water in one step.



Liquid, alkaline heavy metal precipitation agents for the

  • elimination of all well-known heavy metals far below the regulated limits
  • elimination of Mercury in off-gases of power and Incineration plants and
  • simultaneously detoxification of AOX, Cyanide, Chrome-6, Nitrite and other Anionics.

These products on the basis of Poly-Sulfides eliminate the heavy metals also in sour medium and are not toxic to fish.
The heavy metal precipitation will be controlled and optimized by a paper reagent. For the precipitation of heavy metals at the presence of heavy complexing agents e.g. NTA and EDTA our special process is necessary.



Anionic and cationic flock enlargers (polymers) for quicker sedimentation resp. flotation of the harmful substances containing flocks which are compatible with the above mentioned Special Chemicals.


Our products are used depending of the problem alone and also in combination.

The store stabilization of our products in case of unopened containers is 9 – 12 months and sometimes more.