Activities and Aims

ERTEL Abwassertechnik Industrie e.K. – founded in 2004 – is a family business with many years of industrial experience and success in the fields of development, application and sales of innovative specialty chemicals and processes.

We help customers in the metal, non-metal, automotive and steel industries mainly with

  • the chemical-physical process optimization of cost-intensive wastewater treatment plants with high chemical consumption and high sludge content,
  • the conversion of processes in the event of changed waste water conditions and
  • the treatment and disposal of all types of oil-in-water emulsions, concentrates and wastewater containing oil and heavy metals.

Our goals are not only to meet and permanently comply with the legally prescribed limit values of pollutants in our customers' industrial wastewater during indirect discharge into a municipal sewage treatment plant or direct discharge into a body of water, but always try to use products and processes that do not pollute the water and the environment.

ERTEL individual Customer Service

For this purpose, we supply the chemical-physical basis for the treatment, detoxification and clarification of industrial wastewater with detailed elaboration of the process sequence, photos and know-how for the design. In addition, we simultaneously record the product quantities and costs for the design and construction of new plants and the improvement of old plants.The wastewater of interested customers is examined in our laboratory, the application of our products and processes is thoroughly tested and the "scale-up" is carried out - i.e. products and processes are selected beforehand and then implemented at the customer's site. Due to the versatile tasks and requirements of our customers, such as plant manufacturers, commercial enterprises, industrial companies and distributors, we have now been able to acquire a wealth of experience in applications and use them for new tasks.