NEW PRODUCT: Demulsifier DKS-30-8

A new and innovative demulsifier (splitter) for the disposal of used water-mixable cooling lubricants and oil-containing waste water.

Industries: Metal, Automotive and Steel Industry

Many companies in Europe and overseas still dispose of oil-in-water emulsions, dispersions and oily waste water by splitting with the help of acid and/or acid iron and aluminium salt solutions with all the disadvantages.


With our novel and innovative demulsifier, we treat almost all types of emulsions, dispersions and oily wastewater very successfully.


The main ADVANTAGES of this new demulsifier also for the environment are:


  • moderate privce.
  • easy, practical and reliable handling.
  • can be used in any CPB system for the processing of used o/w emulsions.
  • high quality and long bearing resistance.
  • wide working range concerning the oil, surfactant concentration and pH.
  • quality and hydrocarbon residue content of the preserved fission water are comparable to the permeate of ultrafiltration – only with much less costs and effort and
  • at the same time e. g. any existing copper and/or zinc are removed in one operation together with our precipitator, which is not fish-toxic.

If you are interested in this special demulsifier, we will be happy to send you product samples, more information, information on packaging sizes and prices.