ERTEL Abwassertechnik Industrie e.K. was founded in 2004. The owner of the company is Hans J. Ertel, chemist, technician and practitioner.


We develop, apply, produce and distribute innovative product specialties and niche products for the treatment, detoxification, clarification, recycling and disposal of your industrial wastewater and o/w emulsions to keep your operating costs low while achieving your environmental goals.

Our goals are to permanently comply with the legally prescribed limit values for the pollutants of your treated wastewater when discharged into a municipal sewage treatment plant or into a body of waterAt the same time, we try all the time to develop products and processes that do not additionally pollute the water and the environment.


For this purpose, we provide you with the know-how of the chemical-technical treatment of your wastewater with detailed elaboration of the treatment process and photos. In addition, we provide you with the basic engineering for the planning and construction of a new plant or the optimization of an existing plant.


Together with you, we put the application of our products for your problem case through their paces in our laboratory and carry out the "scale-up". Product and treatment procedure are selected in advance and then implemented at your site.


Due to the diverse tasks and requirements of our previous customers, such as treatment plant manufacturers, small and medium-sized trade and industrial enterprises, we have been able to gain a wealth of experience and now use it for your tasks.