Product Groups

ERTEL Specialty chemicals, novel demulsifiers (splitters), heavy metal precipitation and detoxifying agents.

GROUP 1                 


for pre-splitting, splitting and de-oiling of O/W emulsions, such as water-mixable cooling lubricant emulsions, drilling and grinding emulsions, degreasing eyes, etc., and for dewatering and recovery of oil from O/W emulsion concentrates from physical processes, such as cleavage, ultrafiltration or evaporation. 



Innovative special demulsifiers

for easy and reliable cleavage of O/W emulsions and suspensions.

In one step and at the same time

  • the fission water is clarified and
  • hydrocarbons and possibly existing heavy metals are reduced to the specified limit values

GROUP 2 and 3

Liquid, acidiced and alkaline coagulants and flocculants

for discharge, coagulation, flocculation, decoloration, detoxification, elimination of hydrocarbons and clarification of wastewater at very low doses. 



Liquid, alkaline heavy metal precipite for

  • the removal of all known heavy metals well below the prescribed limits and
  • simultaneous detoxification of AOX, cyanide, chromium-6, nitrite nd other anions

These precipitants based on special polysulfides also fall in the acidic melieu and are not fish-toxic.

The precipitation is controlled by changing the colour of a reagent paper. 



Anionic and cationic flock enlargers (flocking aids)

for faster sedimentation or flotation of the pollutant flakes which are compatible with the aforementioned special chemicals.  


Our products are used individually and in combination, depending on the task at hand.

The storage resistance of our products is 9 - 12 months and more for non-broken containers