ERTEL specialty chemicals, such as innovative demulsifiers and heavy metal precipitants and detoxifiers

Our products are produced in well-known companies and in contract manufacturing according to ERTEL recipes in Germany and delivered from here directly to our customers at home and abroad. We only use raw materials for our products that are manufactured in Germany or within the EU.. Since the foundation of our company, we have increasingly used polymers and special chemicals based on renewable raw materials.


In the opinion of our customers, our specialty chemicals are characterized by

  • pleasingly low sludge formation,
  • very good quality and the long storage resistance
  • good efficacy in wide areas of application and
  • high profitability at moderate prices.

ERTEL product groups

  • GROUP  1
    Native and synthetic demulsifiers for the cleavage of emulsions and suspensions.
  • GROUP  2D
    Innovative special demulsifiers for splitting, deoiling and simultaneous clarification problematic industrial wastewater.
  • GROUP  2
    Innovative coagulants with low sludge formation capacity.
  • GROUP  4
    non-fish toxic heavy metal precipitants with detoxification properties.
  • GROUP  5
    flake magnification for faster sedimentation or flotation.
    for the detection and for the controlled precipitation of heavy metals.

ERTEL scale-up examples with a selection of our special chemicals

Industrial wastewater treated with coagulants and heavy metal precipitant and at the same time clarified in one step.

O/W emulsions treated with special demulsifiers and heavy metal precipitant, split and at the same time clarified the fission water in one step.